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August 11, 2017

When there’s chop, you need pop. With the new improved nose shape this board just wants to keep going and going, the added volume allows the board to pop through chop whilst hammering upwind, prevent pitched when downwinding and also gives you super easy catching ability for any bump.

The heightened sidewalls allow for more grip on the waves, less rolling and less splash into the cockpit. On the top of those sidewalls we’ve also added more beach hand mounts to make the board easier for beach starts. The inside tail of the board has been widened with more dug-out rails, this creates more room for your back foot when buoy turning and surfing. The board has been made with a lighter highest grade Biaxial carbon technology, combined with pigment infused resin this is the fastest and lightest Ace ever.

The downwind game-changer for choppy water and open-ocean conditions.

• Fast and efficient in chop. The ACE is the fastest and most efficient design for choppy waters, downwind races and open ocean conditions.

• Refined nose design and rail height. Pops up the speed and stability of this technical shape.

• Widened inside tail. Gives more room for greater control and comfort when surfing and turning buoys.

• The widened dug-out cockpit. Increases sensitivity when buoy turning, while the high rails helps to easily steer and surf from the standing area.
Via Starboard SUP

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