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May 10, 2018

“The long awaited and highly anticipated Atlantis Pacifico Touring is finally here and boy is it making a statement. Perfect for recreational cruising, long distance fitness training and open ocean downwind paddling. The Pacifico Touring boasts the latest in high tech construction; utilising military grade polycarbonate TUFF-TECH composites to ensure a longer product life, increased product protection and unmatched durability.

The inclusion of the super handy storage net at the front, makes this a board perfect for those long paddles down uncharted waters. You can pack your bag, safely attach it to your SUP and set off into the sunrise.

TUFF-TECH is stronger and more durable than your traditional stand up paddle board construction and requires less maintenance making it a solid investment that will save you money long term. The TUFF-TECH shell is designed to reduce damage caused by paddle strikes, impacts, knocks and bumps and has a higher tolerance than other Stand Up Paddle Boards on the market.

Not only is the Pacifico Touring construction strong, it is also the most sturdy paddle board in our line up. The Pacifico Touring is designed to sit higher in the water creating a more fluent glide through the water with less effort needed to paddle and produce speed.

So whether you are looking for a touring SUP to take for an all day paddle down the creek, something stable for the whole family or just want the strongest construction available; you can’t really go past the Atlantis Pacifico Touring.

If you are after our toughest touring SUP yet than look no further than the Atlantis Pacifico.”

Via The Surfboard Warehouse


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