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Happy winter paddling!


November 9, 2022

Everything You Need to Know about Cold Weather Paddle Boarding!

We hear from the team at Aqua Marina with all their best winter paddling tips to keep you going on your SUP now the weather is cooling down!

Summer is over, but your SUP adventures are just beginning!

Although the hot summer days are gone, it’s not yet time to put your paddleboard away! Even more epic SUP adventures await you in the crisp cool landscapes of winter. How can you get yourself geared up and prepared for a safe, memorable winter paddle trip? We’ve got everything you need to know right here.

How’s the weather?

Before you head out, check the forecast. You’ll need different gear for different temperatures, and you will want to choose a day with no stormy weather on the horizon. Once you are out on the water, keep an eye on the skies, and turn back if the weather begins to change. Note the time the sun will set as well, and plan to be back half an hour before dusk, at the minimum.

Suit Up

What should you wear? In the summertime, all you need is a swimsuit and some sunscreen, but winter paddling requires a bit more. If it’s going to be above freezing, and you might get into the water at some point, you should invest in a neoprene wetsuit, which will trap and warm a thin layer of water next to your skin. If the temps will drop below freezing, you should wear a dry suit instead, which will keep the water out. You’ll need insulating, comfortable wool or synthetic layers underneath. Don’t wear cotton in winter, as it will cool you down!

Hands and Feet

Rubber-coated gloves will keep your hands from getting too cold and stiff to grip the paddle. You’ll want to keep your feet flexible enough to balance on your board as well, so keep those toes toasty with insulated water shoes or booties, with warm socks inside for colder climes.

A Warm Hat

A hat will do wonders to keep you warm on the water! If temps will dip below freezing, make sure your hat is insulated. You can remove it when you start to feel warm from paddling!

Spares Will Save You! 

It’s a great idea to carry extra dry clothing, gloves, socks, and a hat in case of an accidental dunking! Put these backups in your dry bag, which is easy to carry with the Aqua Marina bungee system, which features a double cargo net and adjustable bungee cord stopper.


Although a leash is recommended all year round to keep your board close by, in winter it’s essential. In case you take a tumble, you will need to get up onto your board and into warm, dry clothing immediately to avoid the onset of hypothermia. As always on the water, a life jacket is also a must.

Buddy Up

Paddle boarding is always more fun with a friend, and in winter, you should never paddle alone.

leap of faith into the cold

leap of faith into the cold


Winter Storage

To store your board between winter trips, put it in a dry, indoor location that stays between 0 and 40 degrees all winter long. Keep any creases or marks from forming by leaving your inflated or uninflated board unrolled. If temps will stay above freezing, it’s ok to roll it up and keep it in a bag.

Time to Paddle!

Now that you’ve got a handle on how to get ready, it’s time for the fun to begin! Head out to your favorite paddle boarding destinations and see how they have been transformed into a winter wonderland. Keeping active on the water all year round not only gets you back out into the beautiful outdoors, but also keeps you fit, energetic, and happy. That’s a win that everyone can appreciate!

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