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May 11, 2018

“Building paddle boards for the adventurer in all of us. Leading the SUP touring revolution on lakes, rivers & oceans. Dream. Explore. Discover.

Nate Brouwer, founder of Tahoe SUP, fell in love with the outdoors exploring the Tahoe backcountry on his mountain bike and snowboard. He discovered standup paddle boarding in 2008 and saw it as a great opportunity to explore new areas of the Tahoe Basin, that were only accessible by water. The traditional surf shapes in the market lacked the functionality and design for flat water paddling, so Nate set out to design a better board. Tahoe SUP was born out of a vision for a board that could carry extra gear, his dog Stella, and glide more efficiently on long flat water paddles.

The resulting shape was an innovative displacement hull board with attachment points for gear, balanced floatation and increased stability. The concept caught fire and paddlers took to lakes, ponds, rivers, and oceans, discovering a new way to experience the waterways around them. Wether for adventure, fitness, increased balance or just getting out on the water, Tahoe SUP has provided a new perspective to outdoor enthusiasts across the globe. Today Tahoe SUP is continuing to lead the way with cutting edge new designs. Out here there are no trails, just endless possibilities.”

visit: www.tahoesup.com

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