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June 10, 2019


BREAKOUT: Build power into your paddling, explore the empty surf of Ulster, and take off on your first foiling flight. 2x European champion Alexis Deniel discusses the present and future of sup surfing, and we uncover the best budget summer iSUPs…

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Desire Lines: If happiness is a paddle in the hand then a fly-rod in the hand must be bliss. Add to that standup with friends on a summery fjord, then you’re in rapture.


Out of Time: Vanuatu isn’t running out of time, so much as it is a place from without time. Bart de Zwart and Trevor Tunnington discover a nation of people living without money and talking about life and love under palm trees instead of poking glass.


Field Trip: The Arch Chancellor of Surf, Prof. Scott McKercher leads a research expedition to South Australia with lab technician Wesley Fry in an ambitious study of wave mechanics.

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On all Fronts: The Boy from Britanny Alexis Deniel speaks about how shortboards, longboards and SUP are all slices of the same pie and what the restored APP Tour means to him now…

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Back to Dakhla: If you want to observe change, you need a suitable time frame. The Carpentiers gave it 10 years before they returned to Dakhla. Take a guess on the one thing that there’s more of now.   



Slow West: How far would you walk for a surf? How long would you be prepared to take to do it? Thomas Oschwald has just walked over 4000 km from his home in Germany to the North West tip of Spain with his SUP board. Why? Read on…


Minor Threat: Kari Schibevaag understands that all the data in the world doesn’t mean much if you can’t experience something for yourself. The last couple of years have seen her touring around the world’s northern most regions where she had some stark realisations.


Cool County: Looking to break the seal on the country that possesses the finest surfing coastline in Europe? Finn Mullen recommends you start with the 1000 km crenulated stretch of gorgeousness that is County Donegal.

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Blowin’ Up: We speak to Christopher Fuhrhop, founder of Restube, about their revolutionary self-inflating personal flotation device: 100,000 sold and going strong.



First Flight:  What’s gathering momentum faster than veganism, yoga and mermaid festival pants for men? Why it’s the foil. It certainly can’t be beaten, so it must be joined. Dave Ewer has a thorough guide for first time foilers here.

Paddle Science: Training for Power. If you want to optimise your genetic potential, first identify the composition of your muscle fibres, then adjust your training program for maximum benefit. Like this.


Get Psyched: Our duty of care to nature goes beyond the two minute beach clean. Sykesy has some great advice to lessen our impact on finely-balance inland waterways this summer. And please shut the gate.


Test Reports: There’s a lot going on this month – Anyomy’s artistic 10’6, Aqua Marina’s river-running Drift, Bic’s dauntless Performer, Blue Fin SUP’s comfy Carbon Cruiser, Gladiator’s eminently affordable 10’6 Lite, Hypr Nalu’s esoteric Kaimana and Two Bare Feet’s whopping 12’6 Sport Air. And Dave Ewer breaks out the Starboard Hyper Foil and Wave DT foil combo.

The Close Out: Bon Jovi once famously sang that ‘sometimes you tell the day by the bottle that you drink’. Well as Rob Small has noticed, you can also tell what country you’re in by what you’re drinking on the pre-surf check.


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