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October 18, 2022


The World’s leading inflatable paddle board brand, Red Paddle Co has released its first limited-edition board in partnership with ocean conservation charity, Love the Oceans. 10% of profits from the sale of this board will be donated to the conservation charity.

The global campaign which launched last summer, invited budding creatives to try their hand at creating a unique design for their award-winning Ride 10’6” paddle board. Working alongside the US based creative design platform, Spoonflower and their vast artist community, the competition challenged a wide range of creatives to design a special repeater pattern that would be applied to the first ever limited-edition Red Paddle Co SUP (Stand Up Paddle).

Inspired by the theme “The Worlds Waterways” the winning design was chosen from hundreds of entries as Red Paddle Co’s Communications Manager, Robyn Dawson explains…

“Our aim was to celebrate the variety of waterways across the globe we have the pleasure to paddle on. We asked our applicants to consider the importance of preserving the oceans, coastlines, marine life and their ecosystems as well as considering the amazing work of our charity partner at Love the Oceans. We were overwhelmed by the amazing variety of entries we received from around the globe – it wasn’t an easy decision to pick the winning design, especially as it would be transforming the look of our most celebrated paddle board.”

The winning design titled, ‘All is Water, Water is All’, created by freelance illustrator, Circe Oropeza from Hidalgo, Mexico uses monochrome line artwork of sea life and ecosystems using the simple texture of water and waves. The design has been subtly applied to the deck pad on top of the board and transforms the underside of the paddle board while preserving the iconic Red square logo that Red Paddle Co boards are well known for. Red Paddle Co Designer, Katie Eaton explains the process of translating the design into reality…

“We loved Circe’s design and thought it fully hit the brief! The design was an adaptable repeater pattern, so it was easy for us to have some fun with it on both the deck pad and hull of the board. The pattern was ideal as each shape and creature are made up of lots of little elements. This allowed us to work around components already on the board such as fins and handles yet still look cohesive for our Ride 10’6 board. We left the primary standing area of the board plain, so the user won’t stand on the pattern, this way, the artwork lasts longer on the deck of the board. The monotone design helped with production, and the I feel the finished result is a timeless solution.”

The brand has supported the Love the Oceans charity for several years by supplying them with paddle boards to continue their community work and marine research in Mozambique. The team use the boards as free-diving platforms for discovering new coral reef systems as well to record important acoustic data of Whales and marine life which would otherwise be deterred from noisy engine powered watercrafts. Robyn Dawson continues…

“We are excited to continue to support Love the Oceans with this special board. The team have already received four of the Limited-Edition boards for use in Mozambique and will also receive 10% of profits from the sales of the new boards which should make a real impact to help them continue their fantastic work as they continue to protect and preserve the marine ecosystems around Mozambique.”


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