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June 12, 2018

“When I signed my contract to be a BadFish SUP team rider. I committed myself to progressing my river surfing. I have been river surfing for a long time but never had a company support me who made board that would help me be limitless on the water. A 360 has always been one of my most favorite tricks on a river wave. They look so cool. I have been trying for a few years to get them dialed in.

And I know I shouldn’t let my equipment take the blame for my lack of skill. But ever since I started riding my new boards I have had a new confidence on the water. My skill has been progressing quickly. I dedicate each surf session I have to progressing. I work on something new every session and don’t end the session until I feel like I am better than when I started surfing. This session I dedicated to perfecting my crossbow 360.

From what I learned in this session it is all about the position on the wave. I started to feel when I need to be positioned on the wave to be able to pull off the 360. I hope that you notice that my 360’s get better as the video goes on!!! Getting better everyday!!!”

Via River Surfer

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