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June 12, 2017


How2 videos by Red Paddle Co: Valve Replacement

Occasionally it may be necessary to service your valve. There could be some grit or sand stopping the valve sealing correctly or the rubber seal has become damaged. If this ever happens (and it is quite rare), you’ll need to take the valve out to check that everything’s working as it should be.

So let’s look at how you can remove the valve from your board should you ever need to do so.

Find your repair kit and take out the valve removal tool. Undo the dust cap and insert the tool into the valve. Turn anti-clockwise until you are able to unscrew by hand using the dust cap.

Check your valve to see that the O-ring is fitted correctly and the spring on the pin is working as it should be before fitting it back into your board.

Ensure the basket is in its correct place, and all the stitching is clear of the valve – none of this should be visible when you screw the valve back in place.

Sync up the threads and screw until hand tight before removing the dust cap and use the valve tool to tighten up.

Find your board here: https://www.redpaddleco.com

Via Red Paddle Co

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