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Stats Volume Volume: 220 L Length Length: 10’0 Width Width: 32” Thickness Thickness: 5” Fin(s) Fins: 2 FCS plus US centre fin Price RRP £699



This is a great all round Inflatable SUP that goes well in a variety of conditions and has multiple uses beyond a quick paddle up the local canal. A windsurf attachment allows you to get out and have a bit of fun even when the conditions aren’t ideal for paddling. The raised nose rocker keeps the nose out of the wave when surfing making this as good, if not better than most surf specific iSUPs on the market today. Helpfully, the range includes a kid’s version saving cash and weight when walking to your launch site.

The Amigo Air is Loco’s do it all inflatable. The rounded nose and pulled in tail give a good middle ground between touring, small surf, and an easy-to-rider. With the addition of a windsurf track this board becomes a Swiss Army Knife meaning it will never be sat at home in the cupboard! The nose hosts a leash connection point, followed by elastic cargo straps and a ¾ deck grip. The industry standard but very comfortable handle is seated in the center with a slight kick in the deckgrip at the tail. Underneath are provisions for a US rear center fin and two FCS side fins. Bundled in the package is a 3-piece lightweight fibreglass paddle, wheeled drybag, pump, leash, two FCS fins and a fibreglass center fin. The front 2/3 of the rails are coated in a thick carbon fibre weave for added strength and durability while the belly of the tail has a rubberised stiffening strip along the lower rail.

Brand claim
Our inflatable boards take much of their DNA from our much-loved composite paddle boards (now in their 9th year) with time spent perfecting glide properties, primary and secondary stability, using the lightest and most durable drop stitch and PVC, all heat welded together for the best results at lower PSIs although they will take in excess of 20psi if you feel that’s necessary, for most 15-18psi is perfect.

All of our boards have been put on a diet so they weigh less than they did last year. We’ve also introduced carbon rails which offer enhanced durability while helping to optimise our rocker-lines, even at lower PSIs. We’ve also updated the graphics to be in keeping with our new hard board design so your Loco iSUP is instantly recognisable both on and off the water.

The first thing we noticed about this board was that even underinflated at 9PSI the deck felt solid! We had to get confirmation from a second pump that it wasn’t a dodgy pressure gauge. The deck grip felt comfortable and grippy without being abrasive and the kick on the tail in the perfect position for a balanced kickturn. The board catches waves and surfs as good as any dedicated surf iSUP. Colours are really bold too which means this board stands out in a sea of cheap supermarket SUPs. On packing down it was nice not to be forced to roll the board up too tightly to get in the bag which is spacious with a large front pocket, plenty of room for your SUP, paddle, pump and still space for a family picnic! Of course, the bag is also soft enough so that if the space isn’t filled it can be squashed down to fit into your storage space. All in all, this board excels in all areas an inflatable should aspire to.


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