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November 8, 2021




If you’ve set out to start foiling this winter, the Loco Switch is a great place to start. We found this super-stable easy handling board provides lots of balance on the paddle out and is incredibly easy to pick up waves on, even in the most confused seas. It’s a great ride once you’re lifted and promotes a natural, centre-weighted stance. When the time comes to add a wing and put down the paddle the Switch provides a familiar platform for a fast learning curve. You’ll always find a use for this board.


Loco’s Switch presents with a now-familiar crossover template but at 7’6 offers a bit more length than most which suggests a more instinctive feel for paddle powered sessions. Our test model was the lightweight carbon version (a bamboo sandwich construction is also available) which even with a foil attached is not a chore to carry. The overall finish is smooth, polished and tough topped with Loco’s classy segmented deck pad with its broad kick section – an essential sensory aid when foiling.
Underneath are two US tracks and four FCS plugs for foil and quad surf set ups.

Brand Claim:

For 2021/22 the Switch steps up as the access-all-areas composite board to get everyone foiling. Unrivalled build quality and accessible sizes to get everyone lifted (comes in a 33” wide 145 litre too), the Switch offers true four-in-one performance across surf, foil, wing and windsurf disciplines making it the ideal travel companion or solution for when space and budget may be limited, but your desire to get on the water whatever’s going on is not.


We divided our time with the Switch between paddle-powered foil and surf and in quad-fin surf set up, this board makes simple work of waves that might be a bit too lively on the foil. The broad tail, generous width and full volume gives quite a slashy, directional style that gets into the wave early pivots nicely off the lip. It’s a very easy board to live with, stable, paddles straight and it’s not fussy about where you stand and it will get you surfing.

In foil mode the Switch really got our attention as a smart way to learn – and keep on – foiling by building on an existing skill set. With a foil underneath, the Switch tracks very straight and coupled with its immense stability and natural standing position, we think this is could be the easiest way up into flight for a lot of paddlers. In flight this big board doesn’t feel ungainly, again probably thanks to the centralised stance and the stress-free paddle outs soon had us running circuits.

The Switch is further a very friendly wing board and even after you’ve outgrown it for something smaller in that discipline you’ll return to it happily for paddle surf and foil sessions – whatever’s on, the Switch is on it. If you’re expanding your horizons to foil and winging this winter, get onto Loco for a demo.

Vital Stats:

Price: Carbon £1599 // Carbon sandwich £1299

Length: 7’6

Width: 31”

Thickness: 4”

Volume: 125 litres

Fins: 2 x US tracks plus 4 x FCS

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