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FEATURED - Werner-Gnigler


February 25, 2014

When there was only one surfboard in the world it was easy. But then another one got made, and with it came the big question ‘what board do I need?’ The dilemma of choosing a new stick is as old as surfing itself; at least as far as us consumers are concerned. The honest answer has never changed, will never change, and like most of the big questions in life, we already know it, Bodhisattva. 

It’s a bit like a flow chart and a good a place to start as any is: Am I going to Bali for 3 months this winter? I am! So I probably do need the high performance, low volume ‘pro’ model for fitting into tight, steep pockets and maintaining control in the face of an abundance of power. If though the perceivable reality is a Great British season of sub 10 seconds and under 3ft, a flatter template with a bit more of a fuller nose area will aid wave catching and some extra width will promote stability and help keep board speed up through turns on mushburgers. Nothing we don’t really already know, just a question of being honest with the reality presented to us and what we expect to get out of it. A very wise Australian surf coach called Martin Dunn often says that in surfing, you only learn one thing at a time, so if the scalps so far amount to little more than a slew of mushy beachbreaks, the plan to slay macking Cloudbreak next spring may need revisiting.  

Just as it is important to not get overexcited about the waves we are realistically going to be surfing in our foreseeable futures, we don’t want to go too big, too safe, and kit ourselves out with a pair of stabilizers, for that is the way to stifling creativity and flare in waves. It should be accepted that the transition from one short board to another will involve taking a couple of steps backwards (possibly right off the back of it a few times) before we tap into the flow, and then it will be as better surfers than before, or as if we had gone for an easy riding plumper. Look at that, smartly brought round to an analogy concerning easy pickings in a 3am nightclub. Moral of the story is, something about not being embarrassed when your friends see you walking down the beach with your arm around it. 


Barker 8'3 SUP


The perfect travelling SUP board for riders who demand wave catching ability and tight turns and control in solid conditions. Based on our popular 8’2 Rapture model, a fast rocker and nose flip helps to surf hollow waves. At 29”wide, stable but also narrow enough to fit into the pocket with foiled rails. Ideal for riders up to 87kg. EPS or Styrofoam construction, can be ridden as a thruster or a quad with Futures boxes.

RRP FROM £750 • Length/Width/Thickness: 8’3 x 29” x 4” • Volume: 111 litres

Contact: +44 (0)1792 446511 • mail@supgower.com • www.barker-sup.co.uk


Bic C-Tec Wave Pro


Super strong clear epoxy construction reinforced with a bamboo deck, combined with a responsive surf shape, the C-TEC Wave Pro series deliver maximum surf performance without sacrificing user-friendly accessibility. A unique chine, bottom contour and rocker profile combined with a pulled in tail and 5-fin configuration delivers maximum speed and manoeuvrability off the tail. 9’0, 9’4 and 9’10 also available.

RRP £999 • Length/Width/Thickness: 9’ x 29” x 4.25” • Volume: 130L

Contact: +44 (0)1332 813150 • info@ultrasporteu.com • www.ultrasporteu.com


Circle One 9-2 Bamboo


New for SS13, the Circle One Bamboo Round Tail is a serious little wave riding board providing a great blend of manoeuvrability and stability.  Round tail section with sharper a rail is designed to deliver maximum response on the wave with a double concave to maintain speed.  Innovative ‘Bamboo Laminate technology’ sandwich construction with Crosslink TM reinforcement material throughout is blended with multi-layers of premium European fibre-glass. 

RRP £775 • Length/Width/Thickness: 9’ 2” x 30 ½” x 4 ¾” • Volume: 165L

Contact: +44 (0)1363 773005 • sales@circle-one.co.uk • www.circle-one.co.uk/products/paddleboards/


Coreban 9.0-bomb


Surfing made easy. The Bomb’s compact length and added width creates a great performing shape for riders desiring added stability without having to ride a longer board. The Bomb is designed based on the Vibe model capturing excellent entry points and release.  With 5 Fin options for Thruster or Quad with Future fins, the Bomb is suitable for Beginner Paddlers up to 90kg+ and more advanced heavier riders wanting a compact performance shape.option for  windsurfing.

RRP: £999 • Length/Width/Thickness: :9’0 x 33” x 4 1/2” • Volume: 161L

Contact: +44 (0)7504 562 674 • info@coreban.co.uk • www.coreban.co.uk


Fanatic AllWave


Simple surfing, that’s what the AllWave is built to do. Comes in 5 sizes: 8´6˝ / 8´11˝ / 9´1˝ / 9´5˝ / 9´10˝. Easy, accessible, and fun, its called the ‘Big Boys’ performance board, however it will also take paddlers on to their first waves and let them progress into larger surf. For 2014 the range is updated with 3 new shapes, 8´11˝ / 9´1˝ / 9´5˝, offering paddlers even more options for catching waves.

RRP £999 • Length/Width: 8’6” x 30”  • Volume: 130L

Contact: +44 (0)1903 368 253 • nik@k-66.com • www.k-66.com


Imagine The Snap


Dave Kalama’s performance design! Working with short board surfers who wanted the same performance from their SUP, Dave has come up with a radical wave killer. Superb drive with amazing speed and aggressive off-the-back-foot turns, this is the answer for the more aggressive surfer looking for a quick and loose, radical wave SUP. Intec wood sandwich construction. Also available in 8’ and 3 colours, blue, green and orange.

RRP £TBC • Length/Width/Thickness: 8’6” x 28.5” x 4” • Volume: 107.1L

Contact: 07976 526 825 • info@agenteight.co.uk • www.imaginesurf.com


Isle Surf inflate-10


Founded in 2004 by two San Diego surfers with nothing more than a dream and some lint in their pockets, Isle Surf & SUP was born and hasn’t looked back since. Our 10’ All around Inflatable Paddle Board is perfect for a rider up to 200lbs looking for a versatile inflatable board for flat water or surf. Our boards are 6” thick, 31” wide and can be safely pumped up to 15 PSI which for you means you will get a board that is rigid, stable and easy to paddle.

RRP: £480 • Length/Width/Thickness: 10” x 31” x 6”

Contact: 888-569-7873 • service@islesurfandsup.com • www.islesurfandsup.com


JP surf


Aimed at more advanced wave riders, thin smooth rails slice effortlessly through the water and provide amazing grip. Combined with the accelerating tail kick this gives the board an incrediblly loose ride. Available in PRO Edition technology with glossy rails, or Wood Sandwich Gloss Technology with glossy rails, deck and bottom. Comes with wood US single fin and two FCS fins, rear pad with tail-kicker. Fitted with FCS nose plug for your GoPro and a windsurf mastfoot insert.

RRP: FROM £1149 • Length/Width/Thickness: 8‘x 27“x 4.0“ • Volume: 95L

Contact: +44 (0)7976 526825 • info@agenteight.co.uk • www.jp-australia.com/2013/sup/


Loco 8'4

LOCO 8’4

Loco 8’4” is the most accessible shape within our 2013 short SUP range. Stable enough for the earliest of intermediates at 30.5’’ wide but don’t be fooled into thinking this board will be corky or sluggish. The shape has been compared to a scaled up fish offering blistering performance in a stubby outline. Available in classic wood at £849 and full carbon for £1049. Pre-order and choose your finish, customise your fin boxes and even add a mast track.

RRP: From £849 • Length/Width/Thickness: 8’4” x 30.5” x 4.3” • Volume: 138L

Contact: +44 (0)7779 127230 • info@loco-sup.com • www.loco-sup.com


Mistral 8.6 Wave


Fast and responsive, this radical board will satisfy the most extreme wave riders. Great in hollow waves, its sharp rails situated towards the tail will give you all the drive and control you need. Easy to paddle with its flat deck and well balanced volume. The board of choice for guys who are looking for the best a wave surfing SUP board can offer. Full double wood-fibreglass compression sandwich technology. Windsurfing option too.

RRP: £1125 • Length/Width/Thickness: 8’6″ x 30“x 4 1/4” • Volume: 130 L

Contact: +44 (0)1202 722544 • sales@whasup.co.uk • www.whasup.co.uk


Nah Skwell surf series 8'7


A no-compromise surfing machine, designed for those riders who are looking for the latest innovative shapes and our light/stiff construction, to deliver outstanding carving performance. Short, with a rockered scoop line and very thin rails for a truly radical take on SUP wave riding. Fast, sharp and aggressive surfing with a classic ‘woody’ finish (full wood sandwich). Fins: centre 12.8cm US box, thrusters 2 x 12.8cm. Weight: 7.9kgs

RRP: £999.00 • Length/Width/Thickness: 8’7” x 29  ½” x 4 ½” • Volume: 112L

Contact: +44 (0) 238 084 077 • info@kaisports.co.uk • www.kaisports.co.uk




The Mana offers a compact surf design for lighter riders in everyday wave conditions. The 8’10” fuses an exaggerated tail rocker with a wider platform for stability and incredible maneuverability in the surf. This compact design will fit into minivans, sport utility vehicles and station wagons. The Mana 8’10” GT features a (GT) wood construction with moulded EPS core, wood sandwich deck and bottom laminate and a full carbon bottom.

RRP: €1349 incl. boardbag • Length/Width/Thickness: 8’10” x 30 1/2” x 4 3/8” • Volume: 133L

Contact: +44 (0)7889 808 625 • naishalex@hotmail.co.uk • www.naishsurfing.com


NSP Elements SUP - White


The NSP Elements 10’2” SUP is a great first board for beginners with its generous volume making it easy to balance on for riders of all sizes. It also features a double concave bottom shape and fluid outline which will make this a super fun board in the surf. At 10’2” this SUP will be a lot easier to carry and transport than other SUP’s at the same volume.

RRP: from £615 • Width/Thickness: 10.2” X 4 7/8” X 4 7/8” • Volume: 205 ltr

Contact: +44 (0)1271 812 442 • tiki@tikisurf.co.uk • www.tikisurf.co.uk


Red Paddle Surf Star


The name says it all, the Surf Star has a progressive surfing outline, which gives this board the best surfing performance we have ever produced. Stable yet manoeuvrable, the Surf Star is the only choice for those looking for the ultimate inflatable travel surf SUP board. Comes with our patent pending Rocker Stiffening System which it offers unrivalled stiffness and performance.

RRP: £599.00 • Length/Width/Thickness: 9’2”x 30” X 3.93”

Contact: +44 (0)1803 712 140 • SUP@tushingham.com • www.redpaddleco.com


Riviera Rising Sun


The ‘Rising Sun’ was designed for the high performance SUP surfer by shaper Timmy Patterson with feedback from SUP surfer Tommy Lloy.  These boards have a shortboard inspired outline with a fishy nose and a double winged rounded pin tail.  They have a single concave bottom in the centre that blends to double concave, with slight vee out the tail for better manoeuvrability and rail to rail surfing.

RRP: from £900 • Length/Width/Thickness: 9’2” x 29” x 4’ 5/16” • Volume: 125L

Contact: 00 1 9493 886 999 • Brandon@rivierapaddlesurf.com • www.rivierapaddlesurf.com 


Rogue 8ft_Morro


One of the most progressive surf SUP shapes on the market, this board is sure to get your surfing where you want it to go. Carbon composite layup keep the board lightweight and grab rails added for strength are just a couple of the features that drive this boards performance. Fin System:  5 Fin set-ups with Smart Screw.

RRP £899 • Length/Width/Thickness: 8’ x 29” x 4” • Volume: 110L

Contact: 001 877 88-ROGUE • info@roguesup.com • www.roguesup.com



RRD iWAVE Pro 8’6”

A radical wave SUP, conceived for advanced riders looking for performance and maneuverability. Its narrow outline is built for speed and shaped to push the boundaries, allowing you to explore sections of the wave considered ‘off limits’. Thruster set up with EVA deck/kick pad. Available in Classic construction for strength and durability, and Pro Model for ultra 7kg light performance.

RRP: from £1299 • Length/Width/Thickness: 8’x6” x 28 ¾” x 4 ½” • Volume: 120L

Contact: +44 (0)1903 778828 • info@seaspritesports.com • www.robertoriccidesigns.com 


Starboard PocketRocket Wood


The 2013 Pocket Rocket’s outline has the width more forward, handling higher speed on bigger waves while providing excellent stability for its length. The mono-concave bottom hull provides instant acceleration and electric turns! It excels in clean surf as well as in onshore and mushy conditions. Available in: Brushed Carbon; Wood; AST Candy and AST Silver constructions.

RRP: £1039 • Length/Width/Thickness: 8’5” x 30” 4.1”

Contact: +44 (0)1803 712 140 • sup@tushingham.com • www.star-board-sup.com


Yolo 9_2 Surf Silverback


High performance surf SUP.  Go off the lip, cut back and pull in the barrel like a pro.  Light and strong with our double layer wood veneer construction and a 2+1 fin set up.  Gorex self-breathing valve and built-in GoPro mount.

RRP: £810 • Length/Width/Thickness: 9’2 x 29.5” x 4.5” • Volume: 132L

Contact: 850-622-5760 • info@yoloboard.com • www.yoloboard.com

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