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August 10, 2017

Meet our fastest board.
The ultimate speedster for flat water and chop. Instant acceleration and amazing top-end performance.

Sprint – Meet our fastest board yet
Traditionally, the Sprint was a pure flat-water race board functioning at it’s best over glassy conditions, but key development riders really wanted to push the boundaries with what this board can do.

The 2018 Sprint is the ultimate speedster for flat-water racing with insane acceleration and amazing top-end speed – but also able to perform well in choppier ocean conditions with exceptional surfing capabilities.

The ultimate speedster for flat water and chop. Instant acceleration, amazing top-end.

• Instant acceleration. The highest cruise speed and amazing top end speed.
• Easy buoy turning. With built-in Tail Kicker.
• Raised rail profile. For more pop in flat water and more control in chop.
• Carbon Sandwich. Available in the lightest, fastest and strongest Carbon Sandwich Technology.

Via Starboard SUP

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