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June 13, 2024




The upgraded Aquatone Mist 10’4″ Compact SUP delivers a great balance of portability and accessible performance. It is an ideal choice for novices and those seeking a user-friendly experience in flat-water conditions, or even for catching small summer surf. The Mist comes with the 4-piece All-Style paddle, pump, leash and 78 litre backpack.


The Aquatone Mist 10’4″ comes in a familiar all-round shape with benchmark 32” width and 6” thickness. The nose is rounded and runs into parabolic rails before sweeping in a little tighter at the tail. This board is designed to be folded lengthways for compact stowing; the off-centre carry handle, leash point, inflation valve and quick-detach twin fins all facilitate this.

The single-layer construction shaves down the weight and adds to the storability; this is cleverly offset when inflated with a reinforcing stringer and double-layer rails.

A four-point bungee lives up front, the EVA deckpad occupies the middle third and D-rings for a kayak seat sit towards the tail. The Mist is packaged in Aquatone’s standard 78L SUP gear bag featuring new seasonal prints, a lightweight construction with heavy duty 600D nylon fabric and breathable side mesh fabric.

Brand Claim:

“Introducing the upgraded MIST 10’4″ Compact SUP with electrifying new features and fresh graphics. MIST compact all-round SUP offers a smart solution for traveling and storage. A tough yet lightweight drop-stitch core material and unique deck construction allow the board to be packed down to only half the size of a conventional air board. With the most popular all-round shape and a generous board width and thickness, MIST boasts an uncompromisingly high performance for all riders to enjoy.”


As you would expect from its dimensions, the Mist 10’4″ excels in offering a stable and reassuring ride, this would be particularly appealing to beginners or families preferring calm water adventures. Its width and volume distribute weight efficiently, ensuring a buoyant and stable platform that reduces the chances of unintended swims.

The portability of the Mist is one of its standout features. It’s easily packed up at the end of the session into the compact back-pack. This makes it ideal for travelling SUP schools and rentals, or simply fitting in the family car.

This practicality extends to the user experience. Setting up the Mist is straightforward and quick, encouraging spur-of-the-moment trips to the water. For novice paddlers, the board’s stability and user-friendly design provide a reassuring environment to develop skills and confidence. The board’s predictable nature lets you quickly suss out the tipping points, and yes it will happily track down some small running beach break surf.

The Aquatone Mist 10’4″ is a compact, portable, and versatile SUP that rewards in stable conditions. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of novice paddlers and those looking for a hassle-free, accessible paddling experience. Its compactness doesn’t come at the expense of performance, offering a stable, reassuring ride that’s perfect for exploring calm waterways. The Mist is a great option for anyone seeking a mix of convenience, ease of use, and reliable performance on the water.


Vital Stats:

Price: £399

Length: 10’4

Width: 32”

Thickness: 4”

Volume: 295 litres

Weight: 8.7 kg

Fin: Twin push-in fins

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