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June 6, 2023



Neptune 12’6 is a bright, bold touring set up from Aztron that will get you right into the action. This buoyant stable board will suit taller, bigger paddlers and those with extra kit to carry. We like the extra security of the double chambered, double walled construction and the tough Rebel paddle is an ideal complement.


The Neptune 12’6 is a big, burly tourer. It comes with a classic touring shape with a long taper to the nose and a squared-off tail that starts pulling in around the back third of the board. The Neptune features Aztron’s famous double chamber technology which creates separate inner and outer inflation chambers. This yields a stiffer board nose-tail for against similar single chambered boards, and is noticeably easier to pump up.

On deck you have a diamond cut EVA deck grip with separate tail pad with raised ‘kick’. There is a series of D-rings on deck to fix a cargo net, kayak seat, or clip dry bags. A forward-mounted tow-ring lives under the board (we always like to see these on touring boards) and a 9” touring fin with built-in screw as at the back.

The Neptune comes packages with the Rebel fibreglass paddle. This tough, three-piece paddle has a hardy, high-aspect Nylon blade and knurled T-grip that fits snug in the hand. It all ships in the generous 105L backpack with oil leash and slim-Jim pump with gauge.

Brand Claim:

When you take the great shape and length of the Neptune touring board and our unique Double-Double Tech, the results are stunning. The most powerful, dynamic and highest performance touring SUP is sure to excite you! The lightweight Double Layer Fusion core material with the efficient outline will give you the immense glide and speed while the 32″ wide width and extraordinary smooth out rocker gets the board going stable and forgiving even in the choppy water.


With its generous dimensions, the Neptune is all about security on the water. The obvious candidates for this board are people that don’t want to fall in, be they exploring remote coasts, paddling with expedition kit, or taking on the challenge of rough seas.

Where the inner and outer chamber meet provides a comfortable ridge to brace your feet against and get sensory feedback on your stance. Married with the inherent rigidity of the double-chamber construction this gives instinctive feedback and the board behaves more naturally to surface undulations than an equivalent single-chamber board.

Further assurance comes with the double-layer construction. OK you’re very unlikely to puncture an iSUP on the water but this extra layer in the Neptune means it will hold itself together for many seasons of coastal adventures.

We like the rugged Rebel paddle. The T-grip feels good and the Nylon blade won’t be offended if you use it as a depth-checker or heaven forbid, to fend off of harbour walls.

This is a strong, well-built set up for coastal touring with heavier payloads.

NEPTUNE – Aztron (aztronsports.com)

Vital Stats:

Price: £579

Length: 12’6

Width: 32″

Thickness: 6″

Volume: 339 litres

Fin: 9″ centre, tool-free


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