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December 17, 2021

The Suyeong district of Busan in the Republic of Korea to host a prestigious stop on the 2022 APP World Tour at Gwangalli Beach

(Press Release) Suyeong District, Republic of Korea, Friday 17th December: The APP is excited to formally announce its Korean stop of the 2022 APP World Tour, the Busan SUP Open. Taking place from the 23rd – 25th September, this prestigious stop on the APP World Tour will not only bring the World’s very best athletes to this beautiful part of the World, but celebrate the sport in all its forms, in an entirely inclusive manner.

Like the other City Paddle Festival stops on the APP World Tour, the Busan SUP Open will bring together a World Class Sporting spectacle with participation for all: whether it be competitive, cause related or just for the fun of it For racing, cruising, SUP Yoga or introductory sessions, the event will bring the SUP community together for a unique beach festival at the heart of the Republic of Korea’s second largest City.

As one of the most exciting of the emerging regions for SUP in Asia, the Republic of Korea boasts a passionate community that is growing fast. With ideal locations for paddling from Seoul down to Busan and beyond, the country is surrounded by water and is rich in venues.

The Busan SUP Open will bring the energy and focus to the south of the country to celebrate the sport’s nucleus for growth and development, at Gwangalli Beach in Suyeong District.

For more information and the latest news on the Busan SUP Open, go to www.appworldtour.comand @appworldtour and watch the trailer below.


Gwangalli Beach in Suyeong district, Busan provides the perfect arena for the World’s very best athletes

Gwangalli Beach is a stunning 1.4km sandy beach set at the foot of Suyeong District in Busan and looks out at the unmistakeable ‘Diamond Bridge’. This moon shaped cove provides a spectacular arena for World Championship Tour competition, and provides the perfect backdrop of where the City meets the Beach.

Lined with restaurants, cafes and bars, this bustling ‘Beach City’ boasts an incredibly welcoming vibe meaning that not only does the venue provide ideal conditions for the World’s best to do battle, but  an unforgettable experience for all visiting athletes. Rich in culture and tradition, this unique district in Busan provides a completely unique and comprehensive offering to visiting athletes and enthusiasts, regardless of age or ability.

The competition itself will be intense, with new sprint formats to be launched for 2022 and a dynamic distance race that will both challenge and entertain. And watch out for the up and coming local talent such as Han Sung Ho and Choi Ji Won that lead a passionate SUP community in the Republic of Korea.

Stay tuned to www.appworldtour.com and @appworldtour for more on the Busan SUP Open, together with details on the different race tracks to be introduced that will be released soon.


The Sport of Stand Up Paddling has a new home in the Republic of Korea, with a welcome like no other in Suyeong District

The APP is also proud to announce the formation of K-APP, the Korean division of the APP, that is the driving force behind the event and that has come together with the district of Suyeong to celebrate and grow the sport of Stand Up Paddling in Korea.

This district has embraced SUP wholeheartedly, and designated Gwangalli Beach as the official center for the activity, with unparalleled resources for local or visiting paddlers, from showers and bathrooms to extensive water sports programs for paddlers of all levels.

As a result, K-APP has established its official headquarters by the beach in Gwangalli, at its Surf on the Sunset location, just steps from this magical stand up paddling venue, further cementing the significance of this region for the sport.

@surf.on.the.sunset offers a unique and authentic lifestyle experience for local and visiting paddlers alike and looks forward to welcoming the World’s very best Athletes to this beautiful part of the world.

Stay tuned for more information on the Busan SUP Open, from travel and logistics information to registration that will be opening soon at www.appworldtour.com

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