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JC Loco sale at £1199 for a limited time copy 2


December 2, 2023




The Guppy Wood solidifies Loco’s commitment to marrying ease with capability on the water. Sat between its glass and carbon construction counterparts, the wood version of the Guppy marries friendly weight with durability and responsive flex. This Guppy is keen to go no matter what the surf’s doing. If you mission is to step up your surf game this winter, get a demo on the Guppy.


Loco’s Guppy, like its real-life namesake, is a fish with a lot of flare in the tail. The outline here is a reminiscent of one of the greatest ‘daily driver’ surfboards ever built, the Randy French Soulfish. A fuller volume shortboard pointy nose transitions to a parallel mid-section, before pulling in slightly to meet two ‘hips’ that blend a 32” widepoint into a lively, drivey swallow tail.

On deck, the offset carry handle is a clever touch and the windsurf mast-track adds to the versatility. It’s all surrounded in the EVA deck pad and integrate tail-kick. Underneath you get a four FCS fins plus US centre for a continuum of fin configurations and the entire package comes in a Loco travel board bag.

Brand Claim:

The 2023 Loco Guppy continues to be one of our most popular boards with SUP surfers of all abilities. Its solid base and design mean absolute stability when paddling, but the Loco Guppy ride experience is anything but vanilla. The Guppy is a double winger, meaning it has surprisingly enhanced manoeuvrability and responsiveness and the tail widths are comparable to many pro-model boards.

The Loco Guppy is a real gem with your wave count guaranteed even in less-than-ideal conditions. Its stability make a great option for beginners, but the glide and responsiveness mean that your progression won’t be limited – you can really push yourself to new limits on the Loco Guppy.


Jumping on to the Loco Guppy Wood Surf SUP you see a mix of smart design and user-friendly features. At 150 litres, it provides a stable and encouraging start for beginners and those looking to level up their skills, speeding up the positive feedback loops.

However, calling the Guppy a beginner’s board misses the mark. We found it proved itself as a dependable mate for experienced surfers too, especially during unpredictable or frontal-wind swell, providing a consistency to your sessions when the sea won’t.

Despite the generous 32′ width, the Guppy isn’t all about the easy ride. The double winger design at the tail subtly narrows its width, mimicking boards with 20-30 litres less volume. This design nuance means the Guppy responds with lively turns and a spirited ride without demanding the heavy rail weighting often seen in its similarly sized competitors.

The Guppy has a natural glide, strong tracking, and a stability that sticks. We also found the 9’0 length short enough to fit well in short-period swells and give a tight, snappy turning radius for late take-offs. This all adds up to make the Guppy a real wave-magnet. Add a full windsurf mast track to the mix, and you’ve got a board that’s equally happy in a lively wave session or under a sail.

Currently, Loco are offering the Guppy Wood for £1199 for a limited window, which is £300 below their normal RRP. The Guppy is not just a board; it’s an invitation to redefine your surfing journey.


Vital Stats:

Price: £1199

Length: 9’

Width: 32’’

Thickness: 4 1/2’’

Volume: 150 litres

Weight: 9.5kg




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