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£1499 inc bag, premium fins and 9mm surf leash copy 4


June 10, 2023




In this 8’11 format, Loco’s versatile Hybrid is a real people pleaser. It covers a broad spectrum of surfing applications from gliding and hang-fives to roundhouse turns of the tail. It suits bigger, stronger riders looking to throw it around or regular surfers who are after accessible wave catching.

It’s an easy board to live with but Loco have happily erred towards surf performance rather than brainless stability. The 8’11 Hybrid would be a great partner for a long Highland pointbreak or cleaned-up open beach break.


The Hybrid blends a longboard style nose with a modern performance tail. On the rounded longboard style nose is a handy built in action camera mount. Further down, a mast-track has been incorporated into the deck for WindSUP and the usual, very comfortable recessed stock handle. This is certainly a high performance mid-length outline with a wide nose, slightly back from centre wide point and very narrow pulled in tail that finishes in an interesting diamond shaped bat tail. On the belly, the most prominent feature is the deep channel from the centre down through the tail where two FCS side fins and a central US box call home. Included are some really great looking colour coded fibreglass fins that felt good in the waves. Bottom contours include the high performance ‘single to double to V’ featured on many surf boards with the channel cut-out laid on top.

Brand Claim:

Without doubt our wooden boards have proved really popular over the last few of seasons, offering customers the best value in terms of weight versus price point. Full paulownia sandwich with painted rails. Alongside preserving the looks of these gorgeous boards, the extra glass will add some strength, effectively acting as two stringers. We’ve also updated the deckpads to reflect the new designs cues. Compared to other ‘wood boards’ that are wet-laminated you can expect to save 30% in weight which has been one of the main drivers of these boards popularity.


We were big fans of the 7’11 Hybrid a couple of years ago. We were happy to see that the fast, light handling that belied the longboard front end has been successfully scaled up to this 8’11. Nice and light aimed at intermediate to advanced riders looking for early longboard-esque glide but with enhanced turning ability due to the channelled tail design.

We think the Hybrid would be a winner with a lot of surfers just for pure ease of use. It is more stable than the dimensions and volume might suggest.

The 8’11 is a versatile shape for UK waves. You can make trips up to the nose if you want a traditional longboard experience or you can stand on the back half and slug it out. The latter will certainly suit taller, stronger riders.

We found the smaller version ideal for pockety- beach break surf. Meanwhile this 8’11 variant steps into its own on the more open canvas of Atlantic pointbreaks and open beaches. It would be a good one to strap on the roof of the van for an extended surf sabbatical.

Loco | Embrace The Thrill Of Paddleboarding (locosurfing.com)



Vital Stats:

Price: £1499 inc premium fins and 9mm surf leash.

Length: 8’11

Width: 31”

Thickness: 4’ 3/16”

Volume: 135 litres

Weight: 8.75 kg

Fins: 2 FCS plus 1 US Centre


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