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Loco Scout Air


October 23, 2023




The Scout is a great all-water touring board that’s capable of exploring environments from quiet, slow rivers to bouncy, coastal habitats. The 13’0 length and fuller nose give great tracking, while the sleek 5” side height enhances control in rough water and reduces windage.

Clever features such as the transverse carry handles, carbon rails and expansive deck pad really compliment this ocean-going tourer.


The Scout’s template breaks the conventional touring mold by stretching out to 13’0, and holding the width towards the nose with a rail that curves in rather than cuts in at an angle. This gives a fuller, more rounded nose. The tail is a rounded square. On deck, two sets of cargo bungees sit towards the nose and tail. A segmented, contrasting EVA deck pad gives comprehensive coverage and grip.

The centre carry handle is accompanied by two more transverse mounted handles at the nose and tail – ideal for portage or lashing things to in a pinch. A sturdy leash point lives behind the inflate valve, and an accessible tow point sits over the nose.

The side view reveals some interesting design cues: the Scout is a sleek 5” thick, and the rails are finished with a stiffening carbon wrap that also looks smart.

Underneath you have the US centre box which accepts the supplied raked back fibreglass touring fin.

Brand Claim

Brand new for Summer 2023… say hello to the 2023 Loco Scout Air Paddleboard. This fresh new design offers speed and glide to heavier riders looking to graduate from a beginner board. The water may be choppy and volatile but on the Loco Scout Air, you can be confident your ride will feel secure and stable.

The Loco Scout Air Paddleboard has been developed to create a super stable touring board for adventurers and family riders. Its design means you can take kit, dogs or small children along for the ride. The board’s 5” thickness means it feels solid underfoot, inflates quickly and is easy to carry, both in and out of the bag.


The reduced 5” thickness is pleasing to the eye but importantly puts the rider closer to the water. This gives the Scout a great feeling of connection and reduces the surface area of the board exposed to side windage by 1 square foot; this matters.

With a couple of strokes, the Scout reveals its smooth forward progress; it’s a sensation that’s like rolling on wheels. The tracking is superb on this 13’0, especially with the fin set back. It’s a fab platform on which to slip silently through nature and observe your surroundings.

In the rough stuff the Scout steps up with confidence. The broader nose keeps things steady in a tricky rear-quartering sea, and the rounded-square tail makes easy work of beach landings through the surf.


Vital Stats

Price: £899 (Comes with bag, leash and premium race fin)

Length: 13’0

Width: 31”

Thickness: 5”

Fin: fibreglass US centre fin




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