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Stats Volume 723 Litres Length 15' Width 34 Fin(s) Single US box Price £1649 - inc. 2 alloy paddles Weight 15.5kg Thickness 8

 Red Paddle Tandem 480px


Red Paddle’s new Tandem twists the idea of SUP as a family sport and this new take on the family friendly double kayak has tons to offer. We loved the light weight super stiff feel of the 15” x 34” x 8” board and the amazing versatility of it, whether it’s a family trip down the river with a picnic lunch or a camping trip along the coast. It’s far more fun to be with someone else rather than on a mono-board…

Fitted out to market leading standard the Tandem came in a (slightly larger) wheeled, tailored back pack and two pumps. Tough lightweight MSL construction, three separate deck pads, two large cargo tie-down points, two camera mounts and plenty of handles to transport it about. All built to a very high iSUP standard, underneath there’ a nose runner plus tracking strips aft, plus a single US box fin with thumb screw.

Brand claim
New for 2018, this board enables you to explore even the most remote locations with a partner. Tailored to the needs of two explorers (plus a third small companion with the removal of the central cargo points) who want to carry their kit along with them on their adventure. At 8” thick, there is a huge amount of volume in the board so you really can take everything including the kitchen sink with you.

Although we had some fun testing and messing about in the waves (not really what it’s designed for), we loved the glide and high-and-dry feeling on the flat; with the whopping 723+ liter buoyancy, you certainly felt pretty stable on it. With their Tandem, Red have created an awesome fun product which will out paddle your mate’s family on a trip. We can’t imagine anything better than paddling down a river with your partner on the front and your offspring sitting in between you, sharing the discovery of a new route. Getting going on the Tandem requires a little communication and timing but is essentially pretty straight forward and fantastic fun. Not only do you have someone to chat to but also the board paddles surprisingly well and of course has plenty of glide with it’s 15’ length. So why would you go tandem? SUP touring with your partner now means never having to wait, you can paddle as hard or as little as you like, carry a cool box or your kids to share the experience, and make a day of it as you’ve got plenty of space to carry provisions to make the trip special. The Red Paddle Tandem is a serious family adventure toy, if you’ve been down the double kayak route before but never use it as it’s too heavy and it’s a mission to load on your car, then an iSUP double makes loads of sense. Overall we loved the adventure aspect of the Tandem, for flatter water trips it excelled. This tough, super-stiff monster SUP will give you all the inspiration to get of the sofa and plan something for the weekend.



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