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April 23, 2024

Starboard tell us about their recent success at the Longboard SUP Revolution event in Bali..

In the heart of Bali’s surf scene, the Longboard SUP Revolution event witnessed the Starboard Dream Team’s stunning dominance once again. With two gold crowns in Elite SUP Surfing secured by Benoit Carpentier and Camille Dubrana, along with a triumph in the team award, Starboard showcased exceptional skill and unity. The LSR Cosmic Experience event returned to Bali for its 2nd edition, now firmly establishing itself as the biggest and most prestigious international longboard SUP surfing event.

Hosted by the Ripcurl School of Surf in Sanur, Bali, the event unfolded at Serangan Island for the initial two days with smaller waves before relocating to Oka Point for the final two days, where bigger, more challenging waves awaited. The surfing performance and talent across all categories were outstanding. The finals boasted perfect SUP surfing conditions, with Benoit, Camille, and Mathieu Carpentier delivering an impressive performance to claim all three golds.


Screenshot 2024-04-23 at 05.47.31


Screenshot 2024-04-23 at 05.47.45

Defending champion Zane Schweitzer delivered a hugely impressive performance, securing the Silver, while Riki Horikoshi, Pete Cox, and Trevor Tunington all contributed to making the Starboard team the winner of the Brand Award. As cheers resonated along Bali’s shores, the Starboard Team once again proved their dominance in SUP surfing, and Starboard Longboard cemented its status as the most successful award-winning longboard.

“The Longboard SUP Revolution event is all about sharing a nice moment in and out of the water with friends! This year, we had 95 people joining from various places around the world. It was fantastic to see such a large community of longboard SUP riders come together for the event. I feel grateful to participate again this year, representing Starboard. It was the biggest SUP surfing gathering for me and the most enjoyable event of the year. Winning this event was a significant achievement for me as it marked my first international win on a longboard SUP! Winning with my brother and step-sister was the cherry on top.”

– Benoit Carpentier

A big thank you to all those involved in making this event such a success, including Jonni Deaker and his team from Ripcurl School of Surf, as well as Michael Jenkins, Scott Mckercher, SMIK, and all the supporting sponsors. It was also a great opportunity for Starboard Taiwan and Korea to join and share the waves with us.


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