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December 8, 2023




Aztron Lunar 2.0 achieves what it sets out to offer: the most accessible SUP experience for new paddlers. This board is light, stable, stiff, and easy to turn. Newcomers will love the rapid learning and novices will enjoy the instant gratification of trying small waves or more technical footwork.

This bright, robust board has excellent safety built in to the double-chamber tech and ships with everything you need to get your paddling journey off to a satisfying start.


Aztron’s Lunar 2.0 has a stocky all-around shape with a slightly shorter than usual 9’9 overall length. It’s almost double-ended in planform, with a slight pinch in at the tail. The generous distribution of volume throughout hints at instantly accessible performance.

The Double Chamber Tech divides the volume 50/50 between the inner and outer chamber, giving the paddleboard extra floatation and durability. The Lunar 2.0 uses Ultra-Light X-stitching and drop-stitch core material to be strong but not heavy. A 4mm thick diamond grooved soft EVA deck adds grip and comfort for your bare feet. It has 4+1 D-ring connectors for attaching a bungee system and safety leash, and an extra set of connectors for adding a kayak seat.. A 9-inch center fin, fitted in a US fin box completes the tail-end.

Brand Claim

Great on flatwater and small waves, the all-round Lunar 2.0 SUP collection is friendly to entry-level SUPers and the go-to series for refreshment and recreation. Signature Double Chamber and ultra-light technology joined together for optimal stiffness without sacrificing convenience. The kayak seat option allows you to sit and enjoy the flow- a helpful feature, especially on the way back.


Like all Aztron boards, the Lunar 2.0 comes in vibrant graphics with flashes of colour throughout the whole package including the supplied coil leash, Style 2.0 alu-Nylon paddle and SUP gear bag.

The double-chamber tech here is well proven; Aztron have used it consistently from their very first boards. It takes the grind out of inflation and the inner walls give a bit of sensory feedback in the standing area.

The Lunar 2.0 is a very accessible board for new paddlers. It’s a bit shorter than a traditional all-rounder but the broad nose and tail pack in a whopping 270 litres. This gives excellent primary stability and the truncated length aids manoeuvring, which enhances the paddler’s feeling of control. It also cuts down on the windage so you’re less likely to be pushed off course.

Getting mobile with your footwork and exploring the tail area is a cinch. There’s a generous sweet-spot standing area and this encourages step-back turns and even reduces the intimidation of paddling into small waves for the first time.

The Lunar 2.0 potters along nicely but if you’re after extended glide in an all-rounder you’d be looking at the Aztron Mercury or Titan 2.0. What the Lunar 2.0 does is make things as easy as possible to start returning positive feedback to the paddler.

We use the Lunar 2.0 on some beginner SUP tours and took a few older family members out on it; it’s clear that Aztron have the right approach here for a hassle-free board that will successfully hook new paddlers in to the sport.


Vital Stats

RRP £469

Length: 9’9

Width: 32”

Thickness: 6”

Volume: 270 litres

Weight: 7.7 kg

Fin: US Centre


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