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August 2, 2022



The Meteor is a smart looking racer-tourer with features where you need them and none where you don’t. The all-water template and 28” width give decent pace and glide in open water conditions. Built using Aztron’s double-chamber construction and finished in their unique eye-catching graphics, the Meteor is a well-thought out board worth of ambitious paddlers looking to go faster this summer.   


The Meteor is a 14’0 x 28” racer with an all-water shape. The rails run fairly parallel before pulling in at the nose and tail rather than the elongated wedge shape of a strict flat water template. The rocker is flat through most of the board until a gentle rise at the nose.

The Meteor uses Aztron’s familiar double-chamber tech and is physically easier to pump up than any single chamber board: an easy 15psi returns prefect structure for this 330 litre titan. This is a big win for the Meteor especially if you are pumping up before a race! 

The EVA deck pad has a well-placed kick right near the tail. A leash ring, carry handle and four D rings over the nose give the Meteor a clean, uncluttered look you’d expect from a racer. Underneath are a sturdy tow ring up front and tool-free centre fin.  

Brand Claim  

The METEOR 14’0″ is a combination of speed, efficiency, and performance at the highest SUP racing level. The 2022 new design is aiming to make the METEOR the perfect partner to get you on the podium.  

Built with our ultra-light drop-stitch core material. On top of reducing board weight, the high-density drop-stitch filaments greatly increase the stiffness of the board.  


It was always windy when we had the Meteor on the water. First strokes reveal what a steady board it is. There’s a generous sweet spot on the deck which allows you to stand forward of the mid-line to punch upwind. The modest rocker line helps here too with more of the board in contact with the water rather than being free to swing in the wind.  

The double-chamber revealed an unexpected benefit: the side-walls of the inner chamber are an excellent sensory guide for foot position. It helps prevent your feet migrating out to the rails into the wide-legged ‘tripod’ stance. It also gives remarkable stiffness to reduce the ‘boinging’ of some longer inflatables.  

The tail end is well thought out. The kick pad is where you need it for quick tail-sink turns. The deckpad is free from bungees etc…, this is important for quick steps back to the centre!

At 28” wide the Meteor is a very easy board to get to grips with. It will clearly handle far more adverse conditions than you’ll find during a flat water race. If you’re stepping up to racing this season or need an entertaining board for fitness paddles and fast, light touring the Meteor is a very reliable solution.  


Vital Stats  

Price: £649

Length: 14’0 

Width: 28” 

Thickness: 6” 

Volume: 330 litres 

Fin: tool-free centre fin 

JC s-l500 copy

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