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August 3, 2022



The Flame is a bright, stylish day-tourer from Aquatone. We’re impressed with the sturdy but sleek All-Style paddle and comprehensive but low-key touring fittings. The Flame is adaptable enough to get newbies off to a great start, and for more experienced paddlers looking for a safe, reliable coastal touring board. It’s a fine next-step choice, and we think would make a great touring board for schools and hire centres.


The Flame is designed around a practical touring template. The nose starts to pull in near the front third of the board, and the tail from around the back fifth. The tail itself is a squared-off shape finished with a smart swallow-tail arched kick pad. Aquatone have continued their refined, stylish them with the Flame. It’s fitted with forward tow point and D-rings for cargo nets and a kayak seat but remains clutter free. The comfy EVA deck pad has a cool off-centre cut to it and the inflation point is positioned over the left-hand rail. The Flame comes with the All-Style paddle, leash, pump and backpack.

Brand Claim

The ultimate touring SUP has a refreshingly new look for the 2022 season. The Flame 11’6” stands for durability, speed, and best tracking. Designed especially for long distance paddling and packed with extra D-ring connectors on deck allows you to freely switch between kayak and SUP mode with ease. This is a classic do-it-all touring board that is highlighted with traditional outlines and modern design. Exceling perfectly in flat water to choppy waves.


We used the Flame for coastal touring and teaching beginner adults. Everything you need to get going on a micro-adventure is here. The All-Style paddle is aluminium with an excellent nylon blade. The blade is stiff and high-ratio and low-area compared with some bundled paddles out there. This makes it a better fit for touring where will definitely be making thousands of strokes, often into the wind.

The Flame is a fine looking board that’s also built very strong. Aquatone have used double layer construction so you get improved rigidity, load carrying, and durability. Together with the All-Style paddle this package will go on for years.

The Flame is an easy board to paddle and live with. 11’6 gives you the glide advantage over a 10’6 all-rounder but its compact enough not to catch out newcomers on a windy day, or cause problems in tight harbours and rocky coves. And at 32” wide, the Flame is a practical choice for first time paddlers. Our newbies loved it and found it to be a very stable, forgiving board.

If you’re looking for a tough board that can handle coastal conditions that will also be fun for new paddlers to get their skills up, give the Flame a spin.


Vital Stats

Price: £479

Length: 11’6

Width: 32”

Thickness: 6”

Volume: 306 litres

Fin: 9” push-in centre fin

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