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April 25, 2014

Fire Walk – Through Jaws, Mentawais, Tahiti

SUP International Magazine Issue 06 Spring 2014 is the definitive guide to the sport of stand up paddle boarding, we’re constantly showcasing new products, discovering new angles, unveiling the most critical action and aim to make you a better and more motivated paddle boarder. Grab your copy by App now or the Print version in the shops soon! 


Inside The Issue

036 CHOPES updated

With Sean Poynter. Really, this is actually the view from inside Teahupo’o, the most deadly of all princesses. Sean explains all, especially why you should err on the side of staying on land during a west swell.

038 SUP06 Mentawais HMentawais
Chris Schiel and Nick Healey spent the week goading each other into increasingly technical waves in Indo. The only thing bigger than their smiles at the end was the bar bill.

046 SUP06 Gone Choco HGone Choco
See that river bore from Seven Ghosts with Tom Curren? Well, Kyron Rathbone, all over it, raking leaves like Kelly Slater in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

050 SUP 06 JAWSFirewalk
Zane Scwheitzer talks us through the one that started it all, through which all big-wave riders must pass: Peahi. Ear popping hold downs, getting tumbled like jeans in a washing machine, what else do you want to know?

056 SUP 06 NEW ZEASouth Island Story
White collar SUP adventures never felt so good. Is there a more civilised wilderness to get lost in with your mates, pick up the odd board puncture, lose some phone signal and a token brush with the law than New Zealand?

066 SCOTAstronomy for Dogs
When the most exotic place you’ve been to all week is somewhere on the M6, you know you’re surfing tripping in the Great British Isles. Oldest waves going apparently.

070 BVI Painkiller
The Painkiller
Kody Kerbox, Noa Ginella and Paula Lenny earn the title this issue for most enviable trip do paradise, the BVIs no less. Can’t hold it against them though, lovely people and they’ve worked hard for it.

Shaping Bay – Wave board Buyers Guide
We round up the best surfboards on the market. They include;

Barker Ultra 7’ 9”, 
Bic C-TEC 9’4” Wave Pro, 
Circle One  9’ 2” Bamboo Round Tail, 
Escape Peanut 8’ 6”, 
Fanatic AllWave, 
FatStick Wooden Menace, 
JP Australia Surf Wide Body, 
Loco SUP 8’9’’ Pro, 
Mistral 8’6 Diamond Head, 
Nah Skwell Surf Series, 
Naish Hokua LE X32 8’8”, 
O’Shea Wave  8’6”, 
Quatro 9’ 6” SUP,  
Red Paddle Co 9’2” Surf Star, 
RIVIERA  Riviera 8’ Nugget , 
RRD  Cosmo SUP Pro, 
Starboard 8’10” Wide Point

PRINT & DIGITAL COPIES available HERE or via subs@arcwind.co.uk



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