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December 12, 2022




For years, the blue and orange All-Star has been ubiquitous at races world-wide. With the 28” version, now absolutely all paddlers on earth can unlock the adventure, performance gains, personal discovery and paddling pleasure that the All-Star unlocks. This is fast ocean paddling at its finest.


Our All Star came in wood carbon construction. To be honest, the buzz we got when it turned up was like when you get a new car. There’s just so much going on with the design of these boards. Starting at the front, the nose volume is optimised to prevent bogging when you sprint paddle, or paddle into wind, or catch a downwind glide. It also features a cutting vee that slices through waves.

The standing area is self-draining and even has external covers to prevent water ingress. Underneath the bottom vee is lowered to give a flatter cross section and less roll. The rails are chamfered which offsets what would be an increase in the wetted perimeter to improve release. The side walls are boxy to maximise volume there and increase secondary stability.

Brand Claim

One board all conditions. Ultra-stable, high-performance race shapes designed by world-class athletes. From entry-level riders to elite racers, the All Star is the world’s most winning, versatile and user-friendly race paddle board design.

The All Star comes in sizes for all rider weights and skill levels. The 24.5” and wider are suited for heavier riders, while the 23” and the new 21.75” are for higher-skilled and lighter riders.

You ride what our pro’s ride. All our Starboard team riders’ race and win on production boards from our own moulds.


Starting with the obvious: this All-Star is 28” wide. But don’t be deceived for it is surprisingly quick and feels more like a 26” in terms of acceleration. We found quick short strokes were best to keep this board ticking along at a competitive race pace. However, there can’t be another 28” board out there as planted as this. When taking waves head on it slices through and over the water with none of the lurching deceleration race boards can suffer from. The front end feels connected to the back end. If you’re yet to paddle such a recessed deck, this one is easy to gel with and you may find it hard to go back to a flat deck. Being so close to the water makes it easier to handle side wash and confused water.

The All-Star behaves predictably on a downwinder, is an automatic wave catcher, and thanks to the sleek tail it’s easy to keep the nose up and take control. There’s really no environment in which you can’t paddle it.

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Vital Stats

Price: £2749.00 including board bag // £2499.00 without board bag
Length: 14’0

Width: 28”

Thickness: 8.5”

Volume: 331 litres

Fin: Race Ultra



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