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August 4, 2022



The Sprint is a super-tough, expedition ready full-size tourer. It’s loaded with features to keep you, your buddies, and all your kit safe. It has smooth glide and punches through chop and can take a whopping 190 kg payload! It’s a great choice for paddlers with big adventures in mind.  


The Sprint is a feature-rich tourer loaded with everything you’d need for any type of excursion. It comes in a classic 14’ x 30” template. On deck are five carry handles, a super strong tow point and threaded GPS / camera mount, leash point, triple forward cargo nets, rear cargo nets and kayak-seat D rings. The sides of the cargo nets are padded and great for clipping things on or offering more grab points.  

The low-profile EVA deck pad is comfortable and the tail kick is situated just forward of the fin section. The fins themselves are a clever tool-free smart-lock type and are in an 8” centre plus two side fin set up.   

Supplied with the ‘Drive’ paddle with its tough nylon blade and 3-piece carbon shaft, pump, and travel backpack.  

Brand Claim  

The intermediate-to-advanced paddle-board choice for all explorers, pathfinders & grand-tourers. Go further and faster with the Bluefin Sprint. 

The Sprint is ideal for both flat and open water adventures and excursions, with added manoeuvrability, turn & glide. It’s the perfect board for paddle-board mini-breaks & distance travelling. 

The pointed 14′ profile glides through the waterline, with a specialised narrow shape to keep you in straight lines, covering more distance than ever before with each stroke. 

This really is the choice for serious paddlers seeking longer distance excursions with a touring board that they can rely on. 


Bluefin’s Sprint is a very solid, substantial feeling board both in terms of build and character on the water. The high-sided squared off rails give a nice dry ride for you and your kit, and promote good water release.  

You have a generous, stable paddling platform with a large ‘sweet spot’ paddling area that extends a couple of feet forward and backwards of the carrying handle. Ideal for maintaining trim when the Sprint is loaded with kit, or if you are paddling in strong headwinds and tailwinds. The Sprint is also very stable when you’re up on the nose – most useful for lifting the fins up over shallow sections. A common requirement in tidal estuaries!  

The Sprint has a smooth, steady glide and maintains speed between strokes. The flat touring rocker keeps plenty of surface area in contact with water. This shallow nose rocker is good for punching into wind and gives a very secure platform for taking lots of equipment into choppy waters. This would be a great partner for multi-pitch touring, an expedition leader board, fishing and freediving support, or coastal exploring.  


Vital Stats 

Price: £499

Length: 14’0 

Width: 30” 

Thickness: 6” 

Max. Payload: 190 kg 

Fins: 2 plus 1 tool-free 


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