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August 5, 2022



Go big and go easy. Of all boards in existence, in our opinion the humble Whopper could be the one closest to the heart of SUP. The whole family can use it, it gets new paddlers up and riding in minutes, it surfs really well, it glides, and it goes anywhere. Our Light Tech variant will still look good in over a decade’s time and it’ll still perform great too. Every paddler will find a use for the Whopper.   


Starboard are leading the way with sustainable packaging and our Whopper arrived without a shred of single-use-plastic in sight; even the fins are made from recycled fishing nets. Wonderful! We had the cost-efficient Light Tech model but it looks like a million dollars. A luxurious deck grip continues the bright blue colour-theme and a photo-print graphic sets off the nose and tail. The ledge carry handle is a treat.
Underneath a single concave flows into a double toward the thruster fin cluster. The side fins are set wide and close to the thin surf rails. So while at first glance looks the Whopper looks like a friendly family dog, it’s got real performance pedigree just beneath the surface.  

Brand Claim  

This is a highly popular and stable paddle board which surprises with incredible wave riding ability. As part of the Wide Ride range, the Whopper is ideally suited for those getting started in SUP surfing and is great for the whole family to have fun with while learning the sport. You’ll make any kind of mush highly surfable with this shape. 


The Whopper is a truly iconic SUP board. Few, if any, can match its depth of service to our sport. It’s opened the minds of thousands and thousands of people to the joy of SUP in all its forms, and very importantly, provides a strong link to the surf.  

For its dimensions, the Whopper surfs incredibly well. In waves up to chest high, it redirects quickly, glides between sections, climbs the foam and will stick late landings no problem. You will need to moderate your own wave count because the Whopper picks up anything and everything.  

On flat water the Whopper is a great skill builder. The direct feedback and predictable tail simplifies everything from normal paddling to rough water handling to kick turns. Next to a 10’6 inflatable you’ll be surprised how quickly your board skills develop. Some inflatable paddlers may wonder if 174 litres is enough? Yes it is. The Whopper is practical for riders up to 110kg.  

The Whopper is one big, friendly and fun board. Unless you always paddle alone and have absolutely no intention of sharing the world of SUP with others, your gear locker is not complete without one.  


Vital Stats 

Price: £939

Length: 10’0 

Width: 34” 

Thickness: 4.3” 

Volume: 174 litres  

Fins: US Centre 170 plus two 6.75” sides  


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