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October 24, 2018


Test Editor Dave Ewer // Photos James Hyde.

Every day is full of decisions to make, some don’t mean that much to us, some do. Shall we have muesli or avocado, chai latte or tea? In the long run, it doesn’t really matter, however some decisions we face are a bit more meaningful: do you buy the car you really want or maybe something more economical and roomier for the family? You’ve got to such decisions right for an easy life. The streets aren’t full of Lamborghinis, they’re full of Qashqais.

This test review was originally published in the Summer 2018 issue
of SUP International Magazine.

However, the difference in price between buying a budget SUP and the one you really want isn’t really going to ruin you financially. At the end of the day you’re only going to buy one ( for now 😉 ), and your other half isn’t really going to make good on their death threat are they? Summer is here, so be selfish, buy once and cry once, upgrade and get the lighter one – you won’t regret it. You will spend a bit more now but you won’t need to upgrade in the future. Cancel the gym membership for the summer and get on your “outside gym” SUP board – you won’t have to queue for equipment and you’ll get a glow on your skin from the natural lighting system.


This issue we’ve again re-appraised the famous Red Paddle Ride 10’6 (now in its 10th year) SE version, surely the most talked about and popular all round iSUP on the market. Also along a similar vein, the bright, light 10’6 O’Shea HD version is a great package from an established brand. We’ve two touring 12’6’s from the big guns – Fanatic’s new redesigned 12’6 Ray, a slick flat-water orientated tourer which is a joy to paddle, and  JP’s new funky 12’6 GT, a very futuristic new shape coming from their All Water race board. It’s great in bumps and swell too. Riber make a return this issue with their 10’2 Deluxe inflato which offers a tough, simple way to get out there. Loco’s big friendly surf-style Amigo comes in at 9’11 and 175 liters, suggesting you can please everyone at the same time. Finally the new Starboard Go 11’2”, a chunky swift paddling flat water all-rounder, trying sneakily to hide it’s touring board glide and rocker goes against Bic’s uber-stable flatter-water cruising platform, the Cross Adventure, which turned out to be perfect for fishing / bigger riders; it’s a really forgiving stable board. Choose your weapon and buy up if you can, you’ll never regret it. SUP 


Bic Cross Adventure 11’
Fanatic Ray 12’6
JP All Water GT 12’6
Loco Amigo 9’11
O’Shea HD 10’6
Red Paddle Co Ride 10’ 6
Riber Deluxe 10’2
Starboard Go 11’2


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